Forming Team Frostbite

Week 1 of the 11 week planning phase of our class a team of students are put together with the ultimate goal of creating a video game, producing the project and launching it for play to the public. The group initially consisted of two artists and two generalists still trying to hone in on their specialty.

Due to the limited skill sets available to the team decided to make a simple game emphasizing strong environment art, prop art and a compelling story to keep our players interested. Since we didn't have a dedicated programmer for the team we also decided that interactions needed to be simple.

By the end of class we specified out roles that everyone would best fit so that we could prepare a pitch to the class the next week to see if our Studio Lead (Professor) liked our idea enough. A short presentation later we were green lit to move forward and everyone dove into their tasks so that within the remaining 9 weeks we could have a proof of concept to demo.

Important Points:

-Story Driven Game

-Beautiful Environments & Assets

-Simple Interactions involving the player

-Unreal Engine 4 was our platform to build upon


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